Materials Engineering is one of the undergraduate field of Faculty of Materials and Mechanical Engineering at the Valahia University of Targoviste. As modern society is the result of achievements in the field of materials, the tomorrow company will be based on information technology and performance improving of existing materials and create new materials (smart materials, nanomaterials). The Materials Engineering Field was official recognized definitively in 1999. The Materials Engineering Field forms engineers for 4 years study duration. The chair's staff with extensive experience in higher education and research, provide students a comprehensive and appropriate training according to the new requirements of the labor market. We assure a solid theoretical and practical training. The practical activity takes place both in our own laboratories and in the laboratories of enterprises from Targoviste.
A selection of the most important educational discipline in the curriculum is presented below:
- fundamental disciplines: Mathematical Analysis, Algebra And Analytic Geometry, Numerical Methods, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Applied Informatics, Foreign Language;

- specialized disciplines: Theory And Technology Of Plastic Deformation, Development And Casting Ferrous And Nonferrous Alloys, Semiconductor Materials, Composite Materials, Powder Metallurgy, Electrical Engineering And Microelectronics Materials, Ceramic Materials, Thermal And Thermochemical Treatments, Biomaterials, Amorphous Materials, Macromolecular Materials, Nanocrystalline Materials;

- Specialized technical training disciplines: Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Crystallography, Heat Engineering, Computer Graphics, Electrical;

- Complementary disciplines: Management, Marketing.

In addition, we have the posibiluity to develop new skills for students in undergarduate field (licence) with Erasmus Scholarships and Mobilities for Students that allow performing internships at various prestigious universities in countries of the Union European. The research activity of the department teachers and students is conducted in the following directions:
- Biomaterials
- Smart nanomaterials
- Composite materials
- Reducing energy consumption and exhaust emissions of industrial aggregates
- Development of advanced alloys
- Advanced ceramic materials
- Materials processing technologies
- Structural analysis of metallic and nonmetallic materials
- Analysis of physical, mechanical and technological properties of materials
- Selection and design of materials

materials engineering

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